About us & what we do

ProVaD is a company that supports other companies to achieve their projects more successful, with a higher quality, and with lower cost.
We focus on the industrial and real-estate sector but we can be an added value in all projects.
If you goth an idea, than we can turn it into a complete plan.

ProVaD has years of experience in multidisciplinary and complex work environments in which time, cost and quality are leading. We give ourselves 100%, to make your project successful.

With our PMM structure that’s proven his worth in the past, we take on your project and mould it in to shape. The total measurability of our PMM by milestones, gives you a clear overview over the achievability and quality of the project. A project can be continued with every milestone, or when the project is not going to render it can be stopped with every milestone.

The collaboration that ProVaD takes on with its costumers is an intensive one, we like to blend into your organisation. This so at the end of the project the knowledge transfer lies between 98% and 100%.

All end all the ProVaD formula is a formula of repeated successes. Whereby we only call a success a success when all parties involved are happy.